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posted 7h 17m ago in April 29th-30th: EDC China
{quoted:jerpaa} Absolutely! Or maybe change this forum to a calendar? 
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posted 8h 43m ago in April 29th-30th: EDC China
slash: Do you think a calendar for this site could be programmed easily? We could put up infos about possible livestreams there, so we won't miss any livestream by accident. 
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Lineup: Audiostream: (192 kbps) 22:00 - 05:00 (from Arena & Empire) Videostream: tbc. 
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{quoted:slash} All online: 
post icon 22.50 Uhr - 23.40 Uhr: Rival Consoles 23.45 Uhr - 00.45 Uhr: Actress 00.55 Uhr - 01.55 Uhr: Nathan Fake 02.00 Uhr - 04.00 Uhr: Modeselektor DJ Set 04.00 Uhr - 05.00 Uhr: DJ Moxie B2B Louise Chen 
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posted 1w ago in April 29th-30th: EDC China
{quoted:jerpaa} Holy shit, this is going to be a great year! 
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posted 1w 1d ago in April 29th-30th: EDC China
Oh, great catch! 
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But please guys, NEVER do use livestreamer for ripping video from As you know slash, sometime is missing chunks in the best quality. If livestreamer would use a lower quality chunk in this case, or even would go to the next chunk, this could result in asychronous audio/video. 
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ARTE HD is 2.5 mbit/s. I am ripping it. And yes, most of Arte's sets are going to be available on demand. 
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All timetables updated. 

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Thanks a lot! 
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added 1m 1d ago on Tiesto, Afrojack, The..
Yeah, thanks a lot! 
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thanks a lot jerpaa!!!!!! :-) 
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Thanks man! 
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Great, thank you! 
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Thanks a lot, especially for Green Velvet! 
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{quoted:slash} oh yeah.. silly me..[/quote] Proverbs are always difficult if not used in your mother tongue. :-) 
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Cherry picking means only taking the best out of a bunch - in this case only taking the vids he is interested in of this mega-pack. :-) 
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Great, thanks for cutting and sharing! 
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Thanks slash! 

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